Offering Respite, Community Support, and Residential Programs for those with Developmental Disabilities and In-Home Care for Elders

Improving Lives Values:

Everything we do is dedicated to "Improving Lives" of clients, caregivers, respite and community access workers, group home workers, office staff and their families.

We care about improving the quality of life, both physically and mentally, of those under our care. Our goal is to do more than meet medical, personal or behavioural needs, and see beyond the disability. We want each client and staff member to grow as a person, working with each other.

We support our caregivers, day program staff, respite workers residential support workers by giving them the tools they need to do their jobs.

We believe in the value of strong and happy employees because they treat clients and residents well. We hire caregivers, respite workers and support staff that are fun and enjoy doing what they do; Attitude matters!

We expect caregivers, residential, day program, community support and respite workers to go the extra mile for clients and when they do we will support them and recognize them. We encourage our staff to be creative and share good ideas with each other.

We will match caregivers and respite workers carefully to clients' values, language, outlook and location wherever possible.

We believe in good communication! We'll have an informative website, answer all calls, emails and messages promptly, and be responsive to requests in order to help our clients meet their needs and goals.

We will provide highly trained caregivers, day program, respite workers and residential support staff who are skilled, caring and compassionate and genuinely interested in helping clients achieve their goals. We will safeguard all confidential information entrusted to us and protect the privacy of all our clients.

We value giving back to the community.

Serving York, Simcoe, Toronto, Durham and Peel Regions


"The most difficult role of my life was that of primary caregiver to my husband, who was battling Parkinson's. It didn't seem too bad in the beginning but slowly and steadily the responsibilities he shouldered slid over to take up residence on my back. His ability to cope with the details of daily life ebbed away. We installed hand rails and a chairlift and arranged for a Personal Support Worker to arrive each morning to shower, shave and dress him. With the aid of a walker he shuffled from the living room to the kitchen to the den, and made numerous trips to the washroom. But far too soon the walker was not enough support. He needed an extra pair of hands, an encouraging word, and a strong grip to move safely from one place to another. It was impossible for me to cope on my own. Enter Improving Lives! It began with an interview in our home. In deference to my husband's feelings, questions were directed at him. He always felt he was involved in the decisions we made. This sensitivity to the patient told my heart this was a company I trusted with my husband. A tour of the house offered suggestions for safety that we hadn't thought of. Within 24 hours a caregiver was ready to step in when I needed her. But not just any caregiver; someone who melded with my husband's personality and made him feel comfortable. Over the months we needed the service, from someone to just be there, to a PSW, to overnight care, I was always more than satisfied with the service. I knew when I left the house that my husband was well taken care of. I also knew that the company was there to back up the caregiver. I could actually leave my responsibilities behind and relax. I even went on a two week vacation, something I desperately needed, confident that everything at home would be taken care of. Improving Lives lived up to its name. The patient fared much better with the expert help provided, and was able to stay at home. As the primary caregiver I honestly don't think I could have made it through and kept my sanity without the support of the management and staff of this wonderful company."

Jude H