In Home Respite Care and Community Participation Support

"Care for the Caregiver" is an area we specialize in. If you have a son, a daughter, mother or father that you are looking after on a full time basis, we can provide highly trained respite workers to help relieve the burden you are under and provide stress relief.

For your parents, we have personal support workers that can provide support for a few hours to a few weeks so you can get away and run errands, travel for a well-earned vacation or to visit friends and relatives.

For your child, youth or adult son or daughter with special needs, we can provide trained workers to help achieve developmental or physical goals, integrate better with the community, and have fun! Workers are available for as little as four hours to full-time, long term care.

Our compassionate, competent and experienced respite workers are flexibly available to serve in your home and in the community at very competitive rates.

You've cared for your parents or children – Is it not time you looked after yourself? Call today for a free no-obligation assessment and respite relief plan for your family.

If you are submitting our invoices for payment to SSAH or Passport programs, please note we accept payment through Visa or MasterCard, meaning you can be reimbursed by the program for the service prior paying your credit card bill. If we broker your passport account, we can submit invoices directly to your passport agency.

improving Lives Respite Care

Improving Lives
provides Care for
the Caregiver

Improving Lives Respite Care

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