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Improving Lives In-Home Care

Everything we do is dedicated to "Improving Lives" of clients, caregivers, respite and community access workers, group home workers, office staff and their families.

  • We care about improving the quality of life, both physically and mentally, of those under our care. Our goal is to do more than meet medical, personal or behavioural needs, and see beyond the disability. We want each client and staff member to grow as a person, working with each other.

  • We support our caregivers, day program staff, respite workers residential support workers by giving them the tools they need to do their jobs.

  • We have specifically provided and staffed rural residential facilities that are open and specious because we feel that people with developmental disabilities and dual diagnosis need the large interior space and wide open rural character to be psychologically and physically well and healthy. Environment matters!

  • We believe in the value of strong and happy employees because they treat clients and residents well.
  • We hire caregivers, respite workers and support staff that are fun and enjoy doing what they do; Attitude matters!

  • We expect caregivers, residential, day program, community support and respite workers to go the extra mile for clients and when they do we will support them and recognize them. We encourage our staff to be creative and share good ideas with each other.

  • We will match caregivers, respite workers and nurses carefully to clients' values, language, outlook and location wherever possible.

  • We believe in good communication! We'll have an informative website, answer all calls, emails and messages promptly, and be responsive to requests in order to help our clients meet their needs and goals.

  • We will provide highly trained caregivers, day program, respite workers and residential support staff who are skilled, caring and compassionate and genuinely interested in helping clients achieve their goals.

  • We will safeguard all confidential information entrusted to us and protect the privacy of all our clients.

  • We value giving back to the community.


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