Passport Management

If you are having difficulty managing your passport funds, let Improving Lives do it for you.

If you find yourself not taking advantage of your respite and community support funding for yourself or a loved one, have difficulty budgeting, or just lack time, let Improving Lives manage the funding for you

Brokerage Service:
When you appoint Improving Lives as a broker to manage your passport account, we'll assist you in budgeting and planning for your account; we'll be responsible for paying all eligible passport expenses and will submit all billing directly to the passport agency with copies to you. You'll continue hiring and directing the respite and community access programs for your loved one, group home resident or client.

All-Inclusive Service:
Improving Lives will provide "worry free" services, as we'll manage all aspects of respite, including managing funding, assisting in developing a respite plan, budgeting to provide maximum service, advising on qualified passport expenses, negotiating and setting up accounts with vendors like taxi companies, selecting, matching and scheduling our qualified and insured workers, advancing expense funds and submitting all invoices to the passport agency with copies to you.

Improving Lives
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Passport Management

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